Transformational Relationship Coaching


Wondering What Happened to Your Love?

I know from personal experience  that sometimes the person you fell in love with is not the man who lives with you now. What was hidden? What changed? Find out and break free from your confusion and frustration.

Confused by Your Partners Mood Swings?

Do you feel anxious about what mood your spouse will wake up in? Do you feel like you walk around on eggshells when he comes home to make sure he doesn't get mad? Discover how to  breakthrough anxiety, fear by living in God's design for love and marriage. 

Feeling Like You Can’t Do Anything Right?

Do you feel like no matter what you do it will be wrong? Do you  hear the words, "if only you would," from your partner? Find out how to separate your spouses expectation from yours. Live confidently in your unique strengths and talents. Break free from oppressing thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors!

How Do You Decide When to Stay or To Leave?

Feeling afraid, angry, controlled, belittled, and sad because of your partners mean words and actions? Discover the truth about your hurtful relationship. Evaluate the facts, God's design of love, and the options for your future. Pure love does not disrespect or dishonor. It's time to live in God's design of lifegiving love!

Meet Your Personal Life Coach Darla Colinet, CPC

Need someone to listen to your heart, dreams, and goals without judgment? Ready to create a path for your life to move from where you are right now . . . to where you want to be? Life coaching allows me to hear your heart and soul, help you break through your fears and roadblocks, and create and achieve short and long term goals for your life.

I’m passionate about helping you break free from the invisible chains preventing you from feeling safe, loved, belonging, and living authentically through the wisdom from my life experiences, revelations from my faith, and my professional life coaching certification and training.

Contact me right now and begin moving forward. All session are done remotely by phone and completely confidential.

Learn more about Darla


  • What would be different in your life if you understood what your definition of love is and where it came from?
  • How would you use this knowledge to become your best−mentally, spiritually, and physically?
  • What would your life look like if you truly felt loved, cherished, and safe in your relationship?

Moving from where you are right now. . . to living in the cherished relationship you have just created in your mind is within your grasp.

I know from personal experience how scary it can be to examine the health of your struggling relationship or marriage. Women hope and dream their loving relationship will be, “happily ever after.”

Unfortunately, we all know relationships can become the opposite of what we thought a loving relationship would be. Some of you are wondering what changed your loving partner or spouse that turned them into a hurtful one. Maybe you have seen your dream of love become a nightmare as your partner or spouse:

calls you names                        blows up and scares you              refuses to help you when you are sick

blames you                                 hurts your pets                                 takes your phone to control you

If your partner or spouse treats you with these abusive actions above, it’s time to know and face the truth about the health of your relationship.

Don’t let fear rob you of living and loving fearlessly in your life! Use the energy of fear through your faith to create your healthy future during our life coaching sessions.

The process of coaching helps me hear your heart, fears, and dreams without judgment. I empower you to discover your inner truths, strengths, and weaknesses founded in God’s design of love. The questions, exercises, assessments, and tools in my coaching program bring you clarity to help you become your best now and in your future.

You are ONLY responsible for your half of the marriage. God’s design of love NEVER intends for you to be a doormat or abused! Not all abusive marriages need to end in divorce when they follow God’s design of love and marriage. However, to heal from the behaviors of abuse, both parties must live in God’s design of love and marriage equally.

You alone have the power to let Christ live in you and become mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. He will never leave you no matter what you decide about your hurtful relationship! God designed you from His love. He created you to love and be loved in His definition and design of love every day!

In a safe, confidential coaching space filled with Christ’s love, I help women . . .

  • Evaluate the healthiness of their relationship
  • Learn God’s definition and design for love and marriage
  • Determine if your hurtful marriage is abusive and what you can do
  • Discover how they were deceived and how to be free of these lies
  • Awaken your joy, peace, and strengths in Christ
  • Create strategies to overcome the obstacles in your mind, beliefs, faith, and life
  • Break free from the victim mindset and live as the victor
  • Determine what is best for you in or away from your abusive relationship
  • Design a vision for your life in alignment with God’s design of love to keep you growing forward.

It’s time to stop hoping, wishing, and trying to fix your relationship or marriage without knowing the truth about yourself, abuse, and God’s design for love and marriage. Learn how to partner with Jesus and let him reveal, heal, and empower you to become your best now and in your future. It’s time to live and love fearlessly!

Contact me now for your FREE 45 minute Discovery Session and find your answers today!


Life Coaching Services


Ready to get clear about your beliefs, vision, and goals, then it’s time to talk to me, a certified professional life coach.

Our relaxed and confidential phone conversation is your opportunity to have your questions answered about the process of life coaching. Your Discovery Session also gives us the opportunity to see if we are a good fit.

Only you can define your vision, priorities, and values and use them to find happiness, live confidently and authentically, and accomplish your personal, relationship, and life goals remaining true to your life's vision.

Begin exploring your dreams and start moving toward achieving your goals by scheduling your FREE 45-minute phone session now!


Stepping out and making a long-term commitment for coaching can be scary; but it doesn't have to be once you experience the transformation process of life coaching!

You can start small and slow with this 90 minute, in-depth coaching session. This extended session is designed to go deep in one area to help you decide what’s best for you to achieve the result you asked for at the end of our session.

This time is all about sharing your heart, frustrations, and dreams without judgment or an extended commitment. You will receive a series of worksheets to help maximize your time with me and achieve optimal results.

Your breakthrough is one click away!


Start your journey to move forward by filling out your welcome pack with several questions and assessments. Your honesty ensures that I will hear your heart and frustrations which help me empower you to achieve the vision for your future.

During our weekly Life Coaching phone sessions, you will become clear about your beliefs, roadblocks, options, and your vision for your personal, relationship, and life goals. Your program includes the Living and Loving Fearlessly Guidebook and Toolkit, which is customizable allowing you to focus on achieving your specific goals and the vision for your future.

I can’t wait to see you discover, grow, and be empowered to live and love fearlessly in every aspect of your life! Contact me now!


The power of this 12-week life coaching program teaches you how to establish a mindset and faith practices to keep you moving forward to achieve your personal and relationship goals.

This program is for the woman determined to TAKE CHARGE of her life and find her BREAKTHROUGH to feel HAPPY, more than ENOUGH, and EMPOWERED to live and love fearlessly.

Each phone session is a safe and confidential space for you to discover, explore, prioritize, redefine, replace, and create fresh and authentic thoughts and beliefs resonating from your true heart and faith.

You have so much potential! I can't wait to help you achieve your goals and walk confidently in the incredible unique person God created you to be!

Ready To Find Clarity and Happiness in Your Relationship?

Begin your journey of defining love and stepping through the uncertainty in your relationship in your first FREE Relationship Coaching Session Now!

What is Life Coaching?

What can you expect.

Life coaching empowers you to discover your truths and use your insight to move from where you are right now to the future you have envisioned.

The coaching session is a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space that takes place during a phone call or emails. The process of coaching helps me hear your heart, fears, and dreams without judgment while following the International Coach Federation (ICF), guidelines. I empower you through questions, exercises, assessments, and tools to understand your truths, beliefs, and values. I help you use your truths to create strategies and accountability to achieve your personal, relationship, spiritual, or career goals.

Life coaching DOES NOT dwell on your past. As your certified life coach, I help you move in a forward motion. Your forward momentum ignites discovery, creativeness, and transformation to help you achieve your goals. You choose what you want to focus on and a goal for each session.

Coaching is not telling you what to do, judging or labeling you, or fixing you. I respect your unique spiritual journey. You don’t have to be a Christ follower to benefit from my coaching foundation built on the model of Christ’s love and God’s word. My focus as your life coach is to empower you to become your best now and to help you move into your vision for your future.

Coaching differs from therapy and counseling. Therapy and counseling help you recover and walk through your past wounds. A coach empowers you to move from where you are now to where you would like to be in the future. I know from personal experience, when you have suffered deep trauma or depression in your life, it is crucial to work with a great counselor or therapist. Sometimes you must resolve past pain to move forward.

Let’s be Honest

You can’t make a lasting mental, physical, or behavior change in 45 minutes! In fact, behavior experts say it takes 21 days to create a new habit or 66 days to make a new behavior automatic. To have a transformational change you will need to make a commitment to yourself and me as your life coach. I know you are worth the time and resources needed to identify and break free from the obstacles that are holding you back.

What would your life be like if you could stop falling into the same traps?

What has it cost you to keep trying to do things on your own?

What would you give to be able to have someone who has broken free from the bondage of their life, empower you to break through yours?

Contact me now and schedule your 40 minute Coffee Discovery Session and begin your break through.

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